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The Online Slots Experience
Types of Slots
Popular Themes and Multimedia Excitement 


Few traditional casino games translate so perfectly to the online environment as Slots, and no matter your online slots preferences, you’ll find plenty of action at Super Slots.



Table games were the first to come to modern casinos but it wasn’t long until the slot machine was introduced and quickly exploded in popularity. By the 1960’s, they had gained serious traction and began to take over the majority of the casino floors. 

It’s not difficult to understand the enduring popularity of the slot machine. It’s the iconic image that most people have when the think about casino gaming. The game itself is extremely simple to pick up and slots are available in countless different themes with a wide variety of gameplay and stakes.

The entire casino gaming experience has been radically transformed by technological innovation but nowhere has this been more evident than the once humble slot machine. Slot Machines have always been an exciting experience for casino players of all skill levels but technology has allowed to transform into an interactive and immersive multimedia experience.


The Online Slots Experience

Since slot machines have long ago abandoned mechanical reels for digital imagery, they now translate perfectly from land-based casinos to online play. With most land-based casinos eliminating the use of coins in favor of bills and vouchers you won’t even miss the once familiar sound of payouts clanking in the tray.

The gameplay experience of online slots at Super Slots is identical to that of casino slot machines. So is the variety of games available. You can find games that offer simple, classic gameplay and games that offer immersive multimedia experiences. You can find licensed themes featuring popular TV shows along with more classic themes. You can also pick your favorite type of jackpot with both traditional and progressive jackpots available and play games at many different bet levels.



While there’s not much strategy that can be employed on a randomized slot machine there are a few things for players to keep in mind. It’s a good idea to take a look at the pay table and read the other game rules before starting play. What might look like a winning hand on one machine might be a losing spin on another.

It’s also good to understand the jackpot format as some games require a specific bet level for players to be eligible for the biggest jackpots. There’s no worse feeling than hitting a winning reel combination without the full number of coins required for the biggest payouts.


Types of Slots 

The first slot machines were mechanically operated with a simple three-reel format. Initially, they had only one payline. They developed quickly from this fundamental origin and by the 1970’s started to demonstrate the wide variety that has helped maintain their popularity.

Multiple reels and paylines were added as were a number of different bet levels. As the technology progressed even further, new jackpot options were introduced. Most notably, the progressive jackpot allowed for significantly higher payouts than the classic ‘pay table’ and attracted even more interest in slots play.

In the 21st Century, there have been even more significant innovations not the least of which was the Internet and the digital revolution it facilitated. This not only brought about the online gaming boom but offered even traditional casinos new opportunities to enhance gameplay. One of the first to appear in Nevada casinos was the ‘networked jackpot’.

This was a twist on the progressive jackpot that created huge jackpot payouts that rivaled top prizes in state lotteries. Instead of a progressive jackpot based on gameplay at just one casino, the networked jackpot was able to create multi-property jackpots. The most popular ones such as Megabucks stretched across the entire state and produced jackpots in excess of $100 million.


Popular Themes and Multimedia Excitement 

The original slot machine themes were fairly simple, usually featuring generic graphics and classic symbols such as bells, lemons and cherries. That has changed dramatically. In the late 1990’s, the popularity of licensed slot machine themes featuring well known media properties, brands and just about anything else you can think of became a predominant trend on the gaming floor. There are simply too many themes past and present to even try to list them all.

Some of the most popular were based on television shows including popular game shows like ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and ‘Deal Or No Deal’ and more recent hits like ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘The Walking Dead’. Celebrities of every imaginable description were also popular as themes and included Lucille Ball (‘I Love Lucy’) and Dean Martin, along with less iconic celebrities such as David Hasselhoff and cartoon characters such as Betty Boop and Felix the Cat.

With the popularity of online slot machine themes, the next logical step was to leverage them into the gameplay itself. This was facilitated by the growth of digital technology which allowed the basic slot machine gameplay format to be transformed into a multimedia experience that has many of the audio and graphic qualities of video games.

Online Slot machines that are themed around TV shows or movies will often get the original actors to provide audio and video especially for the game.

The most over the top machines retain very little similarity with the basic slot machine. Today, themed slot machines make up a sizable percentage of all games but there are still plenty of classic themes around such as ‘Wild West’ themes, Asian themes, and iconic images like Diamonds, Bells and Fruit.


Here at Super Slots, you can choose from over 100 different slot games ranging from classic three-reel games to fully interactive themed titles.


There’s no better place for slots action than Super Slots! It’s right there in our name! What are you waiting for? Try it today.

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