How To Request A Withdrawal Through Bitcoin

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Ready to withdraw your winnings? Here at Super Slots, we aim to offer you the largest selection of withdrawal methods. The easiest and fastest way to obtain your winnings is through Bitcoin.


How do I request a Bitcoin withdrawal?

1. Login to your account. Access the cashier, and click on “Withdrawal”.

2. The screen will display your current balance. Enter the desired withdrawal amount.

If you are not able to request a withdrawal at the time, the following pop-up message will appear, informing you of the reason.


3. Select “Bitcoin” from the list of available options.

Bitcoin Withdrawal Fees

  • Bitcoin withdrawals from Super Slots into player controlled crypto addresses require network transaction fees.
  • Network transaction fees are paid to those who verify transactions on and secure crypto networks. For example: miners on the Bitcoin network.
  • Super Slots incurs and pays the initial network fee; however, reserves the right to charge the players a fee on withdrawals. This fee will be based on the estimation of what processing the payout will cost.
  • Fees will vary based on network congestion. When network congestion increases, transaction fees increase as well. However, when the network congestion decreases, so will the fees.
  • The final fee paid may vary from the estimated fee.
  • Please review all payout method options for details on fees.


4. You will have to provide us with your Crypto wallet address for us to send the funds. It can take up to 24 hours for your money to be deposited. 

It’s that simple! If you’re ready to make a withdrawal, click below:


Withdraw Now



If you have any additional questions regarding withdrawals, please contact us. Our Player Services Team will be happy to answer them. 

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