How To Deposit With Cryptocurrency

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Welcome to the world of cryptocurrency! In a rapid, ever-changing online landscape, there’s no deposit method that is faster or more convenient.

By placing your deposits with crypto you will skip right over any deposit fees and will be able to take advantage of the best bonuses in the industry!


Here’s how to place a deposit with cryptocurrency:

1. Access the Cashier, and select your preferred cryptocurrency.

If you are new to cryptocurrencies, we recommend you start with Bitcoin, the most popular and the easiest way to deposit and get paid at Super Slots.

Other world leading cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and Solana (SOL) are available for deposits under “Altcoins”.


2. Enter the desired deposit amount. If you have a promo you want to claim, this is the moment to use the promo code!

3. Scan the QR code with your exchange or wallet app or copy the address.

If you are on your desktop computer, you will receive a QR code to scan with your cryptocurrency exchange or digital wallet app. If you are on your mobile, you will have a long wallet address to copy. Just keep in mind these will be good for 15 minutes and can only be used once per deposit.

4. Go to your cryptocurrency exchange or digital wallet, click ‘Send’ or ‘Withdraw’, enter amount, paste address and send.

Review the transaction details before sending to complete this action.

Back in the Super Slots Cashier, you can now select “I’ve Completed My Deposit”.

Your deposit will be pending and you will see the following screen:

For deposits to be credited faster, it is recommended to select a higher transaction fee in your cryptocurrency exchange or wallet. Keep in mind we cannot guarantee timely Bitcoin deposits for transfers with low transaction fees.

Once you have gotten the required blockchain confirmations, the funds will appear in your Super Slots account balance, in the top right of the screen. This happens usually within 15 minutes. (In crypto speak, a confirmation means that the transaction has been processed. Transactions receive a confirmation when they are included in a block in the blockchain—the decentralized Bitcoin network. Ethereum, Ripple, and other currencies have their own version of a blockchain.)

If you still require assistance, worry not, our Player Services Team will be more than happy to walk you through the process step by step. 

And that’s it! Your first cryptocurrency deposit. If you’re ready to try it yourself, click on “Deposit Now” below.

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If you require additional assistance, please contact us. Our Customer Service Team will be happy to help you.

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