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Switch to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the world’s largest, most well-known cryptocurrency and the easiest way to deposit and get paid at Super It’s fast, secure, and holds no transaction fees!


How to start using Bitcoin at Super Slots?

1. Sign up with a crypto exchange.

A crypto exchange is a digital marketplace where you can buy and sell cryptocurrency. Major exchanges come with built-in wallets, meaning you can trade and store your crypto tokens on a single interface. Mobile exchange apps include QR code recognition, making the experience even better and faster.

Once you select your preferred exchange, simply create an account. The accounts are free. Many of these exchanges will require a picture of your ID for personal verification — but the process is fast and secure.

Upon creating an account, it is recommended to download the exchange’s mobile app to your phone to simplify wallet address QR code scanning, sending, and transferring Bitcoin.

Choose among featured exchanges Coinbase,, Kraken, or Gemini to buy Bitcoin quickly and easily.

The exchanges, wallets, and other third-party services mentioned on this page are not associated with Super Slots. Choosing the best exchange depends on your specific needs and preferences.


2. Buy Bitcoin.

Go on your exchange account (for many it’s a deposit button link), enter the amount you want to buy, your preferred payment method and submit. It just takes a few clicks. Once you complete your purchase, the Bitcoin automatically arrives in your digital wallet and is ready to deposit in your player account.


How can I start using Bitcoin on Super Slots today?

In 3 easy steps.

1. Buy Bitcoin with an exchange account.

You can buy Bitcoin instantly with your debit card, ACH or even your checking account, through a regulated exchange. Once you select your preferred exchange, link it to your checking account or bank card to buy Bitcoin.

Go! Choose among this list of top-rated Bitcoin Exchanges, and places to buy Bitcoin quickly and easily.

2. Get a Wallet

A wallet is a place to keep your Bitcoins until you spend them. Wallets are free, and getting one is easy! Our recommendation for a great Bitcoin wallet for your mobile phone is Mycelium. It is easy to use, has enhanced security features and is among the most recommended wallets for both Android and iOS.

You’ll need to send your Bitcoin from your exchange account to your wallet. Don’t worry, it’s easy!

First, open your wallet, select “receive money” and copy the long Bitcoin address.

Next, go to your exchange account and select “send funds” and paste the long address (that you copied in your wallet) into the “recipient” field in the exchange account.

Add the amount, click “send funds” and then “confirm”.

3. Make your first Crypto deposit with us!

Congratulations! Now you’re an official Bitcoin user. Funding your account is simple. In the Super Slots cashier, select Crypto, choose Bitcoin, and the amount you want to deposit.

You will see a long address that you will copy.

In your wallet app, go to “send funds” and paste the address you got in our cashier. Funds will appear in your Super Slots account within 15 mins to 2 hours.

How to Buy Bitcoin

There are several ways you can purchase Bitcoin. Click below to learn of the most popular ones.


Types of Bitcoin Wallets


Mobile Bitcoin Wallets

Download a Bitcoin wallet from the App Store or Google Play Store for an enhanced security Bitcoin experience. Mobile wallets are free to download, are QR code enabled, and make for instant payments and transactions.

Most recommended for Android: Mycelium Copay

Most recommended for iOS: Breadwallet Copay


Desktop Bitcoin Wallets

Desktop wallets are also available to be downloaded to your home computer or laptop. Due to a computer’s increased susceptibility to hacking, using a desktop Bitcoin wallet comes with a slightly higher malware risk than a mobile wallet. The recommended versions below carry a smaller risk:

Most recommended for Windows: Electrum Exodus

Most recommended for Mac: Electrum Exodus


Why do more and more of our clients use Bitcoin?

It’s easy and convenient. Use your mobile, desktop computer, or hand cash at a Bitcoin ATM. Transactions are credited usually within minutes. There are no banks or government agencies involved. Enhanced security features make it secure and reliable. There is a large number of merchants accepting Bitcoin. You can use it to shop online, book your next vacation or even buy a car!


View more information on Bitcoin or our frequently asked questions. 



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